One to one sessions: sliding scale

I’m passionate about holistic medicine and health care being as accessible as possible so I work on a wide sliding scale.

  • £25 – £75 per session for folk who are waged.
  • £10 – £25 for folk who are unwaged or on a very low income, where I can offer up to 4 sessions, after which the space might need to go to someone else on the waiting list.
  • Free sessions for people who have no financial recourse or are in the immigration system, again, for up to 4 sessions.

I ask people to pay as much as they can afford that isn’t an overstretch, but that honours the whole sliding scale thing and makes it sustainable. If you have any questions about it, just get in touch.

Cancellations: If you have to cancel short notice, and are unwaged or on a low wage, there is no cancellation fee. If you are waged a donation would be appreciated to support my practice/finances.

Pay it forward

I also work on a Pay it forward basis, where people who have spare funds can support others who don’t. If you want to support one to one sessions and/or workshops for folks on a low income or with no recourse and are able to donate, any amount is appreciated. I’ll let you know how your donation has supported others.

donate (pay it forward)Workshops

Workshop rates are totally negotiable, and depend on length, where they’ll be held, and context. Get in touch to talk about what you might like to see happen and what might work.


One-to-one bodywork sessions are currently in Meadowbank, Edinburgh where I practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The space is on the 3rd floor; there are 64 steps in total from the street in a winding staircase with landings approximately every 20 steps. There’s free parking outside the building and it’s about a 5 minute walk from mainroad bus routes.

All current London, Glasgow and Edinburgh based workshops are in fully wheelchair accessible spaces.