One to one sessions


One to one sessions are centred around bodywork for deep rest, connection, release and renewal. They can respond to particular needs/requests, or can simply be a place to recieve safe, caring, intuitive touch.

I work with women, gender non-binary and trans folk, and the bodywork – tailored for what’s needed on any given day – draws from trainings in, and inspiration from holistic & deep tissue massage, reflexology, Shiatsu, Chinese and Hawaiian massage.

I came to Lisa originally just for massage but instead found much more. As someone on the autistic spectrum I had particular sensitivies that Lisa was absolutely great with. I opened up to her about coming off both my anxiety medication and contraceptive implant in the chat sessions we had before the massage. It was great to go back to herbal remedies, combined with massage in such a safe and open space. I came away from the sessions with a sense of clarity and positivity. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Sessions always include a practise of simple listening with my hands for rhythms and energetics in the body (akin to what gets called Reiki, and drawing on Craniosacral and Rosen Method approaches), and can also include rocking the body, as well as gentle, sometimes strong percussion to open, clear, ground and energise.

Lisa is a natural healer and clear compassionate communicator. I have found our sessions together so useful as she gave me space to express things, and support to do so. She also suggested and proposed things in a way which felt wise, knowing and intuitive. Sessions with Lisa are a time for me to rejuvenate and nourish my roots, my breath and my body and therefore me. She holds this space and works with her hands, heart and words for really powerful affect. Consent feels very central to her practice and so as a rape survivor I felt safe as well as nurtured by her touch, manner and just her general nature. Lisa is a joy to work with.

I use pure carrier and/or herbally infused oils & essential oils, depending on preference and what might lend itself best.

I’ve been a regular client of Lisa’s for a few years now and it’s always something I look forward to. As soon as I walk into the room my body relaxes instantly. She has always made me feel at ease and enabled me to be extremely open and honest about where my body and my mind is at. I would describe Lisa’s approach to her bodywork as very unique – she gives and receives energy equally and it’s something I really value. This also means as my body and mind changes, her work flexes up and down according to what I need in that session.

It’s an honour to partner people addressing particular issues that might be going on, through a particular life passage, or through any period of struggle, sense-making, reconfiguring or growth.

Lisa has been massaging me on a regular, at times weekly basis, for 4 years and I have found her to be very knowledgeable and professional. Lisa has a fantastic technique and is very in tune with my body, she listens to me and knows exactly the right amount of pressure needed in the right places. I have also found Lisa to be very nurturing, caring and considerate. I suffer from insomnia but after every session with Lisa I feel relaxed and peaceful and both my eczema and asthma has noticeably improved. Lisa is one in a million and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!!!

Depending on what’s current for you, sessions might also include conversation about herbal medicine, food choices, and various practises and resources to support healing and resilience.

Dear Lisa, I would like to express my great gratitude you for supporting me on my path of healing. I received from you much more then relaxing massage. You created a space where I could freely explore my deep emotions joy, happiness but also sadness. I felt safe in your hands and received so much support and guidance including books, natural remedies like herbal tinctures, self massage, herbal teas. You share your amazing wisdom with me and I am so grateful for it. I came away from each of your sessions feeling stronger and really positive. Thank you.

Drawing from training in Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC), I can also work internally in female bodies/bodies assigned female at birth – whatever gender identity –  to support general root, pelvic health and connection, healing from trauma, sexual, gyneceological and menstrual issues, and healing after childbirth.

i have experienced two bodywork sessions with lisa now and have found her healing, intention and understanding of the body-mind both kind and radical; my two favourite things! i felt no sense of hierarchical structure in her space, but instead an opening of love which was carried through to the massage treatment. i have experienced deep family trauma inherited through my mother’s line of the family, with a history of emotional and sexual abuse through this lineage. i have had a lot of talking therapy in my past (I really hate CBT) but feel that language has definite limitations and there is a truth which lies beyond, where bodywork and bodily connection can heal. in our current socioeconomic climate, for me, it is healing in itself for connection to happen so nurturingly through the reality of the body, which is so much more real than various common global systems we currently place our belief in. lisa has a very special way of incorporating her own breath and movement into the massage treatment which felt completely holistic, aligning her energies to meet your blockages and sensitivities in an intuitive and expansive manner. i am very attuned to what some call the ‘spiritual realm’ but what i actually think is just the many planes of our collective existence (we all have this ability i think). i felt that i came into access with the more celestial and golden parts of these worlds in the treatment, which is obviously something i can recommend; much safer than certain other methods, probably…i have no doubts that lisa is a talented, but more importantly, committed and loving practitioner. thank you lisa!