My name’s Lisa (she/her) and I offer bodywork for women, gender non-binary and trans people. I also facilitate various workshops. There’s information about both those things on the relevant pages. Below is a bit more about what inspires and motivates me, and the ways I work.

I’ve trained in and been influenced by various bodywork practices, including Holistic & Deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reiki, aspects of Hawaiian massage as well as bio-medical anatomy & physiology, somatics, dance trainings, experiential anatomy, and respectful consideration of traditional paradigms like Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. I have trained in Holistic Pelvic Care, as well as having an introductory training in Embodied Counselling.

I have a good knowledge of (mostly European) herbal medicine and have been exploring herbs personally and with others in informal and formal learning spaces for many years. I worked in a long established herb shop in London giving over-the-counter advise and teaching workshop series, and continue to facilitate workshops about holistic approaches to health and herbal medicine wherever there is interest and opportunity.

I’m interested in what health means, in the broadest sense of the word, especially feminist health and psycho-emotional health. Inspired by politics examining the way hierarchy, oppression, alienation and inequality affect us, I’m interested in personal and collective practices, resources, spaces and infrastructure we can access and develop, for deep connection, meaning, justice, rest, resilience and transformation.

I have put together two not-for-profit, DIY, health books called Threads and Warp & Weft. Threads gathered explorings of my own and many others, around what gets called ‘female’ anatomy & sexuality, the politics and experiences of the menstrual cycle, and what gets called ‘PMS’. Warp & Weft is about psycho-emotional health, it gathers together ideas, radical frameworks and reference points to explore consciousness, and ways of understanding experiences of distress as they occur within our social and systemic contexts. I’ve also published a book of poetry called Faultline, some of which has been recorded with various musicians. There’s more information about all three on the page here about Books.

I’m generally interested in critiquing the way bio-medicine defines the body-mind, and in collectively deconstructing/augmenting the stories it offers us about our physical, emotional, social and spiritual experiences. And in doing so finding broader, more holistic understandings and approaches to things together.

I’m also committed to challenging the dr/patient, practitioner/client model with its particular power dynamics of alleged expert/passive recipient, and instead hold therapeutic space where I look to be more of an ally or partner in coming to understandings, resting deeply, resourcing ourselves, healing. My practice is queer, body positive and trauma aware.

I’m part of organising collectives for The Radical Herbalism Gathering, The Radical Bodywork Network and have been involved with Herbalists without Borders.

I also write, explore things with performance, and walk and camp as often as I can…

Hope you find the information you need here. If you have any questions at all or want to discuss/arrange a session or a workshop, get in touch.