This page for bodywork, herbal medicine, psycho-emotional and feminist health resources is a work in progress. Get in touch if you have other good suggestions for resources to add!

Bodywork: info, projects, conversation –

Radical Bodywork Re-source Collection A website with a tonne of re-sources related to bodywork in the context of anti-oppression and social justice frameworks.

Radical Bodywork NetworkInternational network for anyone working therapeutically in or through the body in the context of social change. Space for exchange of dialogue, skillshare, project information, inspiration and solidarity.

The Feldenkreis Project Great collection of free online audio Awareness Through Movement workshops, super useful for embodiment, to support healing injuries, understanding postural habits etc.

Herbal medicine; herbal info & projects –

The Herbarium Blog for transitional herbalists in times of transition. Loads of great articles about practical medicine making, ethics, legislation around herbal medicine in the UK and more.

Mrs Grieves Online botanical Detailed online botanical of a traditional and much referenced herb book. Plant identification, practical and medicinal uses.

Henriette Kress One of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the web.

Herbs for Mental Health Comprehensive resource about herbs for psycho-emotional support, including information about trauma informed herbalism and decolonising what gets called mental health.

7 Song Great resources from inspiring US herbalist who runs a free clinic in Upstate New York

Radical Herbalism Gathering  Annual UK gathering and network making the connections between social justice and holistic/herbal medicine. Workshops, talks, project network. Also city wide events.

Scottish Radical Herbal Network Inspiring network in Scotland connecting up projects, practitioners and growers, also making the links between progressive social change and holistic and herbal medicine. The network holds an annual gathering and events in the cities; workshops, talks etc.

Grassroots Remedies Edinburgh based co-op; free clinic, running great workshops, courses, herb walks, politicised herbalism in practise.

Herbalism Without Borders Network of practitioners and projects offering solidarity and herbal medicine support to migrants and people in the asylum process.

Herbalista Altanta based project that has a herb bus and herb cart taking free clinics to the street homeless, also runs health fairs for the community. Website homes great resources!

Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic Bristol Community Herbal Medicine clinic, sliding scale consults with herbalists Becs Griffiths and Annwen Jones, herb garden project, great courses and inspiring community engagment.

The Herbal Barge Melissa Ronaldson running her clinic on a boat in North London, also great workshops and courses.

Hedge Herbs Rasheeqa Ahmad running a clinic, great workshops, courses and herb walks in Walthamstow and various places across London.

The Solidarity Apothecary Amazing resource aiming to materially support revolutionary struggles and communities with plant medicines to strengthen collective autonomy, self-defence and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence.

Psycho-emotional health; progressive ideas & conversation –

Fireweed  Amazing online resource for progressive and broad converation about psycho-emotional experiences in the broadest sense, forums, resources, networks of support.

Behind the label Great website of Rachel Waddington; experienced independent international trainer and consultant specialising in innovative ways of supporting people who struggle with extreme states (including ‘psychosis’, ‘dissociation’ and post traumatic reactions)

Deep Water International gathering that was held to explore psycho-emotional health in the context of social justice.

Rest for Resistance (by QTIPoC Mental Health) Great psycho-emotional health articles and resources for queer/trans/intersex People of colour.

Critical Psychiatry Network Site mostly aimed at psychiatrists, trainee psychiatrists and medical students interested in broader critical perspective. Has a good list of critical psychiatry sites and studies.

Re: Create (Recreating psychiatry project)  Project carving out safe, creative spaces for both service users and professionals to share their reflections – and listen to others – about the current psychiatric system’s virtues and frailties. Through podcasts, discussion groups, creative dialogue workshops and public events, through genuine, open-hearted and constructive dialogue, we are piecing together a collective, multi-perspectival understanding of how services can become more human for everyone involved.

Joanna Moncrieff Critical UK psychiatrist who has written and spoken extensively about the flawed premises of psychiatric practises and paradigms and the myth of the chemical cure. Also see films below.

Living Life Gently Reflections, news and resources from Elisabeth Svanholmer, who has translated a book about living with sensitivity, and offers trainings around progressive resources and approaches to psycho-emotional health and various psycho-emotional experiences.

Rufus May Psychologist who uses historical personal experience of altered consciousness and distress, and progressive tools and approaches now offered in trainings and daily work in the NHS.

Jaqui Dillon is a respected campaigner, writer, international speaker and trainer specialising in hearing voices, ‘psychosis’, dissociation, trauma, abuse, healing and recovery, and proud to be a part of a collective voice demanding a radical shift in the way we make sense of and respond to experiences currently defined as psychiatric illnesses.

Beyond Meds This site documents and shares many natural methods of self-care for finding and sustaining health in body, mind and spirit. This blog also deals with wider issues in the socio/political and spiritual realms as they pertain to mental health and human rights issues surrounding psychiatry. Great information about psychiatric medication, withdrawal plans and alternatives.

Coming off Psychiatric Medication This website aims to give you up to date information about psychiatric medication, how it functions and the withdrawal process. It is put together by people who have been prescribed medication and withdrawn from it, and clinicians who have been involved in supporting this process.

Herbs for Mental Health Comprehensive resource about herbs for psycho-emotional support, including information about trauma informed herbalism and decolonising what gets called mental health.

Hearing Voices Network For people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual percepeptions. Support networks and resources.

Voice collective  Voice Collective is a UK-wide, London-based project that supports children and young people who hear voices, see visions, have other ‘unusual’ sensory experiences or beliefs. We also offer support for parents/families, and training for youth workers, social workers, mental health professionals and other supporters.

Compassion for Voices A website to support and promote compassionate approaches to voices and other experiences. Workshops, trainings, resources.

Spiritual Crisis Network The Spiritual Crisis Network is a UK non-profit organisation that provides support and resources to help make meaning of and integrate a crisis experience, resulting in the relief of suffering and more positive outcomes.

The Soteria Network A network of people in the UK promoting the development of drug-free and minimum medication therapeutic environments for people experiencing ‘psychosis’ or extreme states. Part of an international movement of service users, survivors, activists, carers and professionals fighting for more humane, non-coercive mental health services.

Madness Radio  Extensive archive of radio interviews with people about and offering alternative approaches to a variety of psycho-emotional experiences and related issues.

Emerging Proud EmergingProud is a Grassroots Social Movement aimed at re- framing ‘Madness’ as a catalyst for positive transformation.

Open Dialogue This is the UK branch of a model pioneered in Western Lapland, Finland, as a progressive method for facilitating psychosis or psycho-emotional distress.

PD in the bin A collective space for all those wishing to resist, oppose or critique the label ‘personality disorder’.

Recovery in the Bin A “User Led group for MH Survivors and Supporters who are fed up with the way co-opted ‘recovery’ is being used to discipline and control those who are trying to find a place in the world, to live as they wish, trying to deal with the very real mental distress they encounter on a daily basis. We believe in human rights and social justice!”

Social mindfulness zine This zine explores the social side of our distress: the ways in which our individual struggles are embedded within our wider culture, within our organisations and communities, and within our interpersonal relationships.

Warp & Weft online resources Information and resources that accompany the book Warp & Weft; psycho-emotional health, politics and experiences.

Counselling & Support

Counselling for Social Change Provide low-cost counselling to people across Cornwall and also work with activists and campaigners across the U.K. Councelling is offered with real understanding of the issues surrounding activism, care work and campaigning.

The Free Psychotherapy Network A group of psychotherapists offering free and low-fee psychotherapy to people on low incomes. Currently developing their own ways of doing no-fee work and supporting each other in the experience. They would like other qualified psychotherapists and counsellors to join them in building a network.

Kindred Minds Psycho-emotional health project for people from BME backgrounds.

Black, African and Asian Therapy Network Home of the largest directory of Councillors and Psychotherapists of African, Asian and Carribean heritage in the UK.

Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre  A pioneering organisation in the provision of intercultural therapy. Nafsiyat offers short-term intercultural therapy to people from diverse backgrounds who live in Islington, Enfield, Camden and Haringey. We provide therapy in 24 languages.

Maya Centre Women’s therapy and counseling, holds a black womens therapy group.

Refugee Therapy Centre Psychotherapy and counselling for refugees and asylum seekers.

MIND  Mental Health Charity offering support, advice and helplines.

Samaritans Listening and support service for times of need/struggle.

Rape Crisis  Helpline and support for girls and women who have experienced/survived rape or sexual violence. There are some services for male sexual violence survivors and/or for men who are supporting a survivor.

Solace  Solace Womens Aid, for survivors of domestic or sexual abuse.

One in Four Supporting people who have experienced child sexual abuse and trauma.

NAPAC Supporting recovery from child abuse.

The GEN Grief Toolkit Embodiment tools and rituals to support grief work in community.

The Collective for Radical Death Studies “professional organization formed to decolonize Death Studies and radicalize death practices – by decolonize we mean to de-center whiteness, by radical we mean inclusive deathways.”


Crooked Beauty

Evolving minds (with Spanish subtitles)

Open Dialogue documentary about the approach of Open Dialogue which originated in Western Lapland in Finland.

Staci Haines on Integrating Personal and Social Transformation

Joanna Moncrieff: The Myth of the Chemical Cure

SOMA, An Anarchist Therapy

Feminist health  –

Threads Ideas, conversation, history, resources around what gets called female anatomy and sexuality, experiences & politics of the menstrual cycle, and what gets called ‘PMS’. Online and not-for-profit paper copies available.

Who gets to talk about menstruation Article about making the conversation about menstruation more diversely gender inclusive.

Self cervix Website exploring cervical connection and pleasure.

The Wheel of Consent. Sexological bodyworker Betty Martin’s website page that offers videos and ideas around approaches to touch and consent.

Sister Zeus Massive website with tons of herbal information, self-help gyne and natural fertility resources. Including information about herbal abortion.

Trans Wellness for Practitioners Facebook group for practitioners and allies for info, training and resource sharing about trans health and solidarity.

Trans competency training  Online or in person training offered by Otter Lieffe, bodywork practitioner, teacher and author, and founder of Safer Healing clinic.

Queerhearted offers workshops, creating ‘delicious and safe spaces for sensational queer conscious sex’.